We are proud of our high quality asset tracking device


Let’s find out little bit more about Gloke…

It has three different sources of power; direct current, batteries and solar panels. These sources ensure uninterrupted operation of the device and the possibility of using it on objects without a power supply. It's high resistance and waterproof (IP67) box ensures that GLOKE's functionality is not affected by the weather and even extreme conditions such as a car wash/storms. Our product can operate in high and low temperatures, this enables the device to be mounted on a wide range of assets.

GLOKE is part of our asset tracking solution, any information generated by our product is sent and storeds securely in the cloud. Our customer portal gives you the ability to:

-  view your assets position in real time
-  check movement history
-  set up multiple geo-fencing areas for devices
-  receive notification when assets enter or exit geo-fence areas
-  view the current status of internal batteries and the overall health of the device


  • Power

    The device has multiple sources of power, each one can work as a standalone source or all can work together thanks to our intelligent charging module.

    - 12/24V DC
    - 2 internal batteries
    - solar panels

    As a safe guard we have implement reverse polarity protection and category 5 electromagnetic compatibility filter to make sure our device is not interfering with client assets and also to protect both.

  • Enclosure

    - built from ABS (Acrylonitrile butanadiene styrene
    - pressure releaser
    - waterproof  IP67


  • Dimensions

    - 150 x 80 x 60mm

  • Working environment

    Thanks to the strong waterproof enclosure our device can work in most weather
    conditions and can be mounted to any asset. The operating temperature is -30°C to 75°C.