G-lok Systems is a company founded in response to market needs. As a company we have extensive experience in conjunction with logistics companies across the UK, which allows us to observe and focus on the requirements in this sector. As a result, GLOKE - an innovative device - was created enabling accurate locations of assets in real time.

In contrast to devices currently on the market, our solution does not use GSM connections but uses the Sigfox network. It is the first global IoT network present in 32 countries, and will be available in another 28 before the end of 2021. It enables efficient and low cost data transfers to the cloud. Thanks to cooperation with Sigfox, we can provide you with SIM-free devices at very competitive prices. As part of the package, customers also receive access to our user-friendly platform, on which they can observe the current and historical location of their assets. In the 'Products' page you can get more details about the device we offer.

Although our solutions have been inspired by the needs of the transport industry, we are open to working with other sectors of industry to support their needs. GLOKE is a cost effective device that can be used more widely in other fields. In addition we offer the opportunity to create a bespoke device for your company's needs. For more details view our solutions page.